Plum Purple Classic Pashmina Signature Cashmere

Our Top 4 Autumn Cashmere Styles for 2023

As the leaves begin to fall and the air gets crisper, there's one thing that always stands out on our fashion radar - cashmere. The enchanting appeal of this warm and luxurious fabric becomes even more irresistible as we transition into autumn.

In our Autumn 2023 style guide, we turn to the timeless luxury of cashmere. A fabric unmatched in warmth and softness, cashmere is a favorite for its ability to transform everyday outfits into statements of elegance. Join us as we delve into the top 4 autumn cashmere styles for 2023, showcasing the charm and versatility of this beloved material in the colder months.

Trending Colours for Autumn 2023

Pantone's Autumn/Winter 2023/2024 NYFW Palette is setting the tone for this season's colour trends, offering a vibrant and expressive roadmap for autumn fashion. As we usher in the cooler months, it's time to embrace the classic elegance of the cashmere shawls, an essential that offers both versatility and timeless style.

Plum Purple Pashmina

Leading our top styles is the Classic-Fringe Pashmina in the powerful and expressive hue of Plum Purple Pashmina, mirroring the Viva Magenta from Pantone's Palette. This animated colour has a regal quality that is rich with a deep resplendent charm. Hand-dyed using traditional methods, each shawl, rich and regally charming, becomes a unique piece. Its blend of soft cashmere wool and finely spun silk brings cosy warmth with a touch of refined luxury.

Plum Purple Classic Pashmina Signature Cashmere

Burnt Orange Pashmina

Next in line, we present the Classic-Fringe Pashmina in a heated, gregarious Burnt Orange - a tone that's both spontaneous and self-assured. This warm, dusky shawl provides a stylish alternative to brighter oranges, ensuring you stand out in the crowd. Hand-dyed and unique, this pashmina is a wonderfully soft blend of cashmere wool and finely spun silk, offering sumptuous comfort with every wear.

Burnt Orange Classic Pashmina Signature Cashmere

Daffodil Yellow Pashmina

Our Daffodil Yellow Classic-Fringe Pashmina echoes Pantone's High Visibility, a colour exuding the warmth and splendor of the sun and expressing joy and good cheer. This vibrant hue infuses every outfit with radiant positivity, promising to light up your autumn wardrobe. Each pashmina is hand-dyed using traditional methods, crafted from a luxuriously soft blend of cashmere wool and finely spun silk, and radiates joy with each wear. Stand out this autumn with the cheerful warmth of our unique Daffodil Yellow Pashmina.

Daffodil Yellow Classic Pashmina Signature Cashmere

Midnight Blue Pashmina

Imbued with the serene depth of Pantone's Eclipse, a shadowed blue that emanates an air of credible importance, our Midnight Blue Classic-Fringe Pashmina stands as a testament to timeless elegance. This deep, intense hue, reminiscent of the midnight sky, promises to add an element of glamour and allure to any ensemble.

Midnight Blue Classic Pashmina Signature Cashmere

Each of our Midnight Blue pashminas is unique, hand-dyed using traditional methods, and crafted from a sumptuously soft blend of cashmere wool and finely spun silk. The result is a wonderfully cosy accessory that not only keeps you warm but also elevates your style quotient.

Embrace the quiet sophistication of our Midnight Blue Pashmina this autumn. Its deep colour palette is designed to enhance your wardrobe, making it a popular choice among those seeking to blend comfort with timeless style.