Collection: Ultra Fine Pashmina

Ultra Fine Pashmina

Our hand-made, ultra-fine, ring pashminas are woven from single ply pure cashmere pashmina, which creates the lightest and most delicate garment with an extremely soft, translucent and elegant drape. The fine blend of pure pashmina wool is expertly hand woven by skilled Nepalese craftsmen. The ultra-fine pashmina weighs only 65 grams and the pure cashmere pashmina wool is so fine and light that a full-size pashmina can pass easily through a wedding ring – hence the name ‘Ring’ pashmina. The single ply pashmina fibres of our ultra-fine ring pashmina stole creates a timeless, feather-light garment with exquisite warmth and softness. The stole is large enough to wrap around your shoulders and warm enough to use throughout the year as the ultimate luxurious accessory.