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Pink Pashminas

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Blue Pashminas

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Cream Pashminas

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Purple Pashminas

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Green Pashminas

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Autumn Colours

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Winter Colours

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White Products

How white is ‘Snowdrop’ white? People often want a pure white pashmina. However, as pashmina is a natural fabric it is not possible for the cashmere or pashmina to be bleached to a pure white without potentially damaging the delicate fibres, and therefore our Snowdrop shade is more of a ‘winter white’. Our Snowdrop pashminas are also hand-woven with natural fibres, which may include minor flecks of darker fibres within the weave; all of which adds to the natural beauty of the pashmina.

Black Products

Is 'Ebony' black? Ebony is what we call our black pashminas, and it is definitely black!


Although we have tried our hardest to match the correct colour with those shown on the website, the colour of the actual garment may vary slightly from the colour shown on your computer screen. A slight colour deviation may occur due to the settings of different computers and variations of light.

Our supplier in Nepal can provide over 400 colour variations in all sizes, so if you want a specific colour or size that is not shown on the website, please let us know and we will try our best to get it for you.

Colour names are for guidance only. A colour with the same or similar name as that used by another shop may not be the same colour.