Collection: Green Pashmina and Cashmere Collection

Green Pashmina and Cashmere Collection

The green pashmina and cashmere collection effortlessly blends vibrance with elements of nature. Our wide range of green cashmere and pashmina shawls have a delicate richness and a light and natural warmth. With a wonderfully soft blend of cashmere wool our sumptuous cashmere and pashmina products are hand-dyed and hand-woven using traditional methods, making each item truly unique.
The emerald green pashmina evokes sophistication and style with a vivid depth of colour. Our colour wheel of green pashminas extends from emerald green to spring green, olive and that rich Aston Martin racing green. The collection of green pashminas and cashmere ponchos can be the final detail of the perfect outfit for garden parties, track days and summer weddings while being the missing piece for long country walks crunching through the leaves.
The green pashminas are all crafted by hand in our factory in Nepal, sustainably sourced from the finest cashmere from the Capra Hircus goat underbelly. Each pashmina comes in a range of sizes, from small to extra-large and is made with a combination of 100% cashmere to 70% pashmina and 30% silk.