Why shop with us?

Price comparison

We’re all concerned about price. It is a natural reaction to assume that a more expensive item is of a better quality. This is not always the case with pashmina and cashmere products. The average high street consumer can pay a premium price for the same products that are available for a fraction of the price on the internet.

The reason why Signature Cashmere is so competitively priced is that we do not have the overheads of a high street store. We are able to source our products directly from our trusted and reliable supplier in Nepal and therefore cut out the middle man and pass on the cost-savings to our customers. The fancy designer labels that you see in the big stores are sometimes the only difference!

Quality comparison

Is the quality the same as in the high street stores? Yes! In fact, after an extensive survey of numerous suppliers, we believe that the products available from Signature Cashmere are the best quality available anywhere in Nepal.

There are many different pashmina and cashmere products that are being sold online and we believe that our customers should be well-informed before making a purchase. There are obviously differences in the quality of pashmina and cashmere products and the About Pashmina page gives more details on these differences.