Collection: Pink Pashmina and Cashmere Collection

Pink Pashmina and Cashmere Collection

Our pink pashmina and luxury cashmere collection is rich in hues from coral to fuchsia pashmina shawls, capes and scarves. From luxurious ultra-fine pink pashmina shawls to elegant button cashmere ponchos, each item is uniquely hand-dyed and hand-crafted by expert craftsmen in our factory in Nepal.
Allow the gentle tones of our pink pashmina collection to infuse a touch of femininity and grace to your wardrobe. Using only the finest cashmere fibres from the Capra Hircus goat in the Himalayan mountains, our pashmina collection is the epitome of luxury.
Our range of pink pashminas is available in various sizes, from small to extra large and in our classic style all the way to our ultra fine pashmina shawl. And for those looking for extra warmth but not compromising style, we have our pink cashmere button poncho, offering weightless warmth and versatility.
When selecting the perfect pink pashmina for a wedding, you can choose from cut fringe, ultra-fine or ring pashminas in soft, gentle colourways. Drape our elegant pink pashminas over your shoulders on a luxury getaway or lounging around beaches in the European Sun. They are ideal for accessorising an outfit, adding warmth or a weightless additional layer or even for wearing in a kaftan-like style on the beach.