Can you wear cashmere in the summer? | Signature Cashmere

Can you wear cashmere in the summer? | Signature Cashmere

Contrary to popular belief, cashmere isn't just for bundling up by the fireplace or crisp, country walks through frosted paths. Cashmere is a versatile fabric that transcends seasons, effortlessly adapting to warmer climates. 

It’s all down to the quality of the material, the manufacturing and the sourcing which is why Signature Cashmere is the ideal place to make a lifetime wardrobe investment.

Understanding how Cashmere is made

To help dispel any myths around cashmere or misunderstandings, it’s imperative to truly understand how it’s made and what makes it warm in winter and cool in summer. And no, it’s not magic.

Cashmere is a natural fibre, renowned for its unparalleled warmth to weight ratio and softness. Cashmere is the name given to the wool derived from the neck and under-belly of the ‘Capra Hircus’ goat that thrives in the Himalayas at altitudes above 12,000 feet. At this altitude, the natural cashmere fibres are extremely fine (between 10-14 microns in diameter, or 6-8 times thinner than a human hair) which gives these garments an incredible warmth-to-weight ratio and is the explanation for its softness.

Cashmere offers incredible breathability. Its natural fibres allow air circulation, keeping you cool and at ease even in the most sweltering temperatures. 

The classic English summer involves rain, wind and sunshine and it’s nearly always essential to have some extra layers in your bag. So, you’ll be pleased to know that you can keep a versatile cashmere scarf or poncho for summer.

Quality of Cashmere

Part of the uniqueness of cashmere, apart from it being the perfect wardrobe staple for the depths of winter as well as the height of summer is its warmth-to-weight ratio.

If you purchase high quality cashmere, it’s not just the breathability of the fabric, the unparalleled softness, and an effortless elegance – it’s that it’s relatively lightweight for the warmth it provides. 

It’s ideal for layering or packing in your suitcase for weekends away or summer holidays. It can help you when travelling to hot countries and battling those technical elements – sweltering hot outside and freezing cold air conditioning inside. (Top tip: To pack your cashmere garments in your suitcase without encouraging wrinkles, fold your garments with a thin piece of tissue paper between the layers to prevent creases.)

The fibres taken from the under belly of the ‘Capra Hircus’ goat are hollow which means they provide insulation as well as being breathable, adapting to the outside conditions.

How to wear cashmere in summer

Here are our best ways to way cashmere this summer, from ponchos, to shawls.

1. Ivory Cream Classic Poncho

This exquisite poncho oozes sophistication. In ivory cream it looks stunning paired with a pair of bootcut cream or ivory trousers. It’s sumptuously soft and wonderfully light, you can add it to an outfit for an evening once the temperature drops, for barbecues or sunset beach walks.

2. Storm Grey and Navy Trim Luxury Cape

Our collection of capes are all crafted with 30% cashmere and 70% merino wool. Sumptuously soft and large enough to wrap around the body of an evening or a leisurely dusk stroll. Versatile to transcend across seasons and outfits, it can be worn over a loose tank top in summer or underneath a thick woollen coat in the depths of winter. 

This luxury cape is woven with an intense storm grey body and styled with sophisticated navy trim edges and is one of favourites to take to the beach when the temperature drops.

3. Blazing Orange Ultra-Fine Pashmina

If there’s one pashmina that screams summer, it’s this one. Our blazing orange Ultra Fine Ring pashmina has an ebullient and dazzling depth of colour, saturated with vivid orange. The beautifully bright and vibrant ultra-fine pashmina has a luxuriously soft blend of pure cashmere wool and is exquisitely light and warm. It’s ideal for draping over the shoulders of a maxi dress or to add a pop of colour to a simple black summer dress.

4. Daffodil Yellow Classic Pashmina

This pashmina is beautifully vibrant, bright and evokes sunshine on a cloudy day. A wonderfully soft blend of cashmere blended with silk, it’s our number one pashmina for summer. Ideal to keep you warm on an evening wedding reception or to talk to the beach. Our pashminas can be worn around the hips in the style of a sarong or pareo. 

5. Rose Taupe Cut Fringe Pashmina

Our cut-fringe Rose Taupe pashmina is one of our multi-layered neutrals, with tones of pink, grey and brown.  Designed to complement warm taupe neutrals, chestnuts and soft pinks. As a multi-dimensional colour, it will add depth and allure to any outfit.  In our most popular stole size, the cut-fringe pashmina is large enough to wrap around your shoulders on a summer evening and is the perfect accessory for all occasions. It makes the perfect bridesmaid gift for any summer weddings that may be fast approaching.

In conclusion: Can Cashmere be worn in summer?

Thanks to its versatility, cashmere can be worn 365 days of the year. It’s incredible warmth-to-weight ratio, softness, durability, and breathability make it the ideal fabric choice to add to your wardrobe regardless of the weather outside.

Whether you’re seeking something light yet warm to pack for your next getaway, a layer for the evening beach strolls along some of Britain’s best coastline or even the perfect accessory for the streams of summer weddings, at Signature Cashmere we have something for everyone.