Midnight Blue Classic Poncho Signature Cashmere

Cashmere Christmas Looks & Inspiration | Signature Cashmere

As the evenings grow darker and the air turns colder, a certain enchantment envelops the atmosphere. The festive season is on the horizon, and there's nothing quite as sumptuously warm and comforting as the embrace of cashmere.

At Signature Cashmere, we’d like to introduce you to our exquisite range of luxury cashmere ponchos and capes, the perfect alternative to the cashmere Christmas jumper.

These pieces exude sophistication, seamlessly transitioning between seasons and activities, all while remaining feather-light yet remarkably warm – making them ideal not just for the festive season but for any occasion.

The Classic Poncho

Our Classic Poncho’s are meticulously handcrafted in Nepal with 30% of 2 ply Cashmere and 70% Merino Wool. Our natural cashmere fibres are extremely fine, 6-8 times thinner than a human hair, which gives garments such as our Classic Poncho, an incredible warmth-to-weight ratio and its unparalleled softness.

Our Classic Poncho comes in five beautiful shades from Midnight Blue to Siren Red, available in a standard size that's large enough to hang over the shoulders and upper body. The nature of the poncho means it can be easily added as an additional layer whether you’re having some evening drinks on the terrace or strolling across country fields on the annual family winter walk.

Midnight Blue Classic Poncho Signature Cashmere

Our Midnight Blue Classic Poncho captures the deep, velvety hues of the midnight sky, and brings with it an array of festive charm while combining the allure of glamour and elegance.

The Button Poncho

Our Button Ponchos are slightly larger than their classic counterparts. Made using the same blend of 30% cashmere and 70% wool but with a subtle button detailing adorning the side.

The Storm Grey Button Poncho boasts a captivating array of grey tones, that fits into any wardrobe from country to city. Its neutral palette allows it to perfectly complement jeans, add an extra later of elegance over a silky maxi skirt or provide warmth beneath a quilted Barbour.

The perfect alternative to the Cashmere Christmas Jumper, sophisticated elegance without any seasonal kitsch. The Button Poncho stands as a versatile alternative to the Christmas jumper, while offering a lighter, more chic alternative to the conventional coat.

Storm Grey Cashmere Button Poncho Signature Cashmere

The Luxury Cape

Although they may look similar, the Cape and Poncho are distinguished by style. The Poncho is slipped over the head and hangs loosely over the top half of the body, whereas the Cape is hung over the shoulders and wrapped around the bust.

Our luxury capes are exquisitely handcrafted from sumptuously soft cashmere, feather-light and cosy. The luxury cape provides a multitude of styling options, wrapped around the body in a warm embrace to hang loosely over the shoulders. It can be layered over maxi dresses, skirts and shirts or under a full-length tailored coat.

The luxury Cape is a timeless wardrobe investment, easy-wearing, luxe-draped cashmere – it’s versatile and rich in seasonal style.

Our midnight blue and tapioca cape brings with it the ultimate in casual yet chic style, ideal for a wardrobe revamp, inspired by the soft colours of nature and looks perfect with a pair of black, sleek knee-high boots for winter.

Cashmere Accessories

To add an extra layer of winter style to your luxury cape or poncho of choice, why not team-up with some of our beautifully timeless cashmere accessories. From our soft cashmere cable knit scarves to beanies and gloves, designed in a natural cream colourway – our range of outerwear accessories team together perfectly.

This season, opt for the enduring appeal of a cashmere cape or poncho instead of a Christmas cashmere jumper. While the allure of traditional fair isle prints and Nordic styles may be tempting, the likelihood is that they will see limited wear, which is not only taxing on your wallet but also on our precious planet.