Fleece vs Cashmere: Is Cashmere Warmer Than Fleece?

Fleece vs Cashmere: Is Cashmere Warmer Than Fleece?

As the fashion world buzzes with seasonal trends, there’s one fabric that persistently captures our hearts - cashmere. Amidst the sea of materials, cashmere emerges, soft and splendid, outshining its counterpart, fleece. In this cosy comparison, we spotlight the enduring allure of cashmere. Warm, elegant, and oh-so-luxurious, join us as we answer the question “is cashmere warmer than fleece?” and why cashmere consistently stands out as a beacon of style and comfort.

Origin and Authenticity

In the realm of textiles, understanding the origin of a fabric not only reveals its quality but its authenticity. Fleece, with its modern utility, is primarily a synthetic creation, stemming from petroleum products. While its design speaks to contemporary needs, its synthetic nature can't match the depth of history and luxury inherent to natural fibers.

Enter cashmere, the epitome of authenticity in the fabric world. Sourced from the neck and under-belly of the ‘Capra Hircus’ goat, its natural fibers bear tales of age-old craftsmanship and regions where these magnificent animals roam. This isn't just fabric; it's heritage, luxury, and a testament to nature's exquisite offerings. Every thread of cashmere echoes a story of tradition and exclusivity.

Warmth Factor

When the cold winds blow and the temperature drops, the search for warmth becomes paramount. Fleece steps into this arena offering reasonable insulation. It's designed to shield and retain warmth, making it a go-to for many in the chill. However, where fleece offers functionality, it somewhat lacks the innate sophistication of natural fibers.

This is where cashmere, the royalty of warmth, truly shines. Thanks to its unique hollow fibers, cashmere doesn’t just offer warmth, it promises an embrace that's unparalleled. This singular feature allows it to insulate phenomenally, trapping in more warmth than most other fabrics. For those who don’t just seek warmth, but a luxurious, superior warmth experience, cashmere emerges as the undisputed champion.

Luxurious Touch

Texture plays an integral role in our tactile experiences with fabrics. Fleece, in its versatile and functional design, offers a soft touch. It's agreeable and serves its purpose, especially in casual settings. Yet, there's a distinct gap between simple softness and a truly rich, luxurious touch.

Cashmere stands tall in this domain, presenting a touch that words often fall short of describing. Renowned globally for its unparalleled softness, cashmere beckons with its promise of luxury and warmth combined in every thread.

Price and Value

In the grand marketplace of fabrics, price points often give insights not just into cost, but also the inherent value and impact of a material. Fleece, widely appreciated for its affordability, offers warmth on a budget. It's an accessible choice for many, ensuring comfort without straining wallets. However, the flip side reveals environmental concerns, stemming from its synthetic genesis, which can sometimes overshadow its cost benefits.

Cashmere, on the other hand, stands in a league of its own. While its price tag is certainly higher, it's a reflection of the premium quality, labour-intensive gathering process, and its limited, natural source. In the balance of price and value, cashmere establishes itself as a lasting treasure.

The price of pashmina products largely hinges on their composition. Popular blends consist of 70% pashmina and 30% silk, combining silk's sheen with pashmina's warmth. However, pure 100% cashmere is premium and costly. To balance quality and affordability, many retailers, including us, offer a blend of 30% cashmere and 70% merino wool. While authentic 100% cashmere can cost hundreds, our high-quality blends provide an affordable, luxurious alternative.

While fleece has its merits, cashmere's warmth, authenticity, and luxurious touch make it a clear favourite for those seeking true quality and comfort. If warmth coupled with luxury is what you desire, cashmere is the indisputable choice!