Snowdrop White Ring Pashmina Signature Cashmere

How to Add Cashmere Accessories to Your Outfit

Accessories, accessories, accessories. The buzzword on outfit elevation imprinted into prime pages in all the top fashion magazines from Harper’s Bazaar to Stylist. Accessories are the key to taking an outfit from day to night, and from standard to stylish.
Cashmere accessories are a simple way to elevate any outfit. By utilising high-quality, luxury, timeless accessories you can ensure that your outfits remain fitting with seasons and trends.

You may have a set of cheaper accessories strewn across the bottom of your wardrobe, sadly they don’t stand the test of time. You may think they are on trend, but they quickly become worn and are disregarded. By making an investment in a quality material such as cashmere, you can be sure that you will be able to wear them time and time again. Not only will your new cashmere accessories quickly become a wardrobe staple, but they will also be sure to add a piece of luxe-flair to your look – being one of your most prized investment pieces.

We’ve rounded up our top three cashmere accessories and how to wear them for the ultimate in luxe sophistication from day to night. 

Snowdrop White Ring Pashmina 

Snowdrop White Ring Pashmina Signature Cashmere

Feather-light, snowdrop-white it’s sounds like the line out of a fairy tale. This ultra soft, fine 100% pashmina is hand crafted from our factory in Nepal by one of our 25 skilled craftsmen. Cashmere accessories such as this gorgeous pashmina are effortlessly chic and completely transitional across seasons and outfits.  

Casual or formal, they are ideal as a last-minute addition to a wedding outfit for when the sun goes down or to stop that extra chill when you are having sundowners on the terrace. Whether you’re in England on a balmy summer evening or reclining on the tranquil beaches of the Mediterranean coast, a light pashmina is a wardrobe staple as well as a packing essential.  

Choose a colour that can go with multiple outfits such as this one in snowdrop white or an ebony black. For statement accessories, then our ring pashminas in hues of Amethyst Purple or Cerise Pink are the perfect pop of colour. 

Cashmere Ribbed Beanie Hat

Cashmere Ribbed Beanie Hat Signature Cashmere

A beanie hat that puts other hats to shame. Created with a unique blend of 2ply cashmere and 70% merino wool, this cashmere ribbed beanie hat is rich in quality and style. A natural cream colour, allowing it to fit seamlessly in your wardrobe and go with a range of outerwear from smarter overcoats to your Barbour’s and DuBarry’s for autumnal dog walks.  

A stylish ribbed pattern and an inverted stitched seam, it can be work with or without a turn-up – complementary of your own personal style. 

The quality of the craftsmanship and natural fibres make this beanie the perfect cashmere accessory, allowing it to fit comfortably due to the natural stretch, no irritation and to last for many years to come.  

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and their production, firmly believing in the importance of our planet’s sustainability and creating products that truly last and are enjoyed by their user. 

Ash Brown and Natural Cream Reversible Snood


Ash Brown & Natural Cream Reversible Snood Signature Cashmere


A soft hazel ash brown on one side and our signature natural cream on the other, this reversible snood is the ultimate cool-girl accessory. It is fully reversible dependent on your mood and outfit. Providing a stylish neck warmer for when the days turn shorter, and the nights turn longer.  

The nature of the snood enables it to be pulled over the head, for when the wind riles and even keeps your hair in place! The folds hang elegantly around the neck and can be tucked into a coat for extra warmth if required. 

The reversible nature of this snood is ideal for those who want to invest in better quality pieces that they can wear with more outfits. It’s dual neutral colour palette means that it’s an item that once you get your hands on, it will be hard to go back.