Is Cashmere a Good Fabric for Travel? | Signature Cashmere

Is Cashmere a Good Fabric for Travel? | Signature Cashmere

Whether you’re travelling on an overnight flight across the world or hopping in the car for a luxurious weekend away in the lake district, there’s no doubt you’ll be reaching for your chicest travel outfit. Comfort is key when it comes to travel and cashmere is a good fabric that can seamlessly intertwine warmth, elegance, and effortless fashion, all in one.

How to choose a good travel outfit?

  1. Comfort:
    Comfort is key when it comes to travel-wear, as it’s likely that you will be sitting down for a long period of time. You don’t want anything tight that will dig in and leave you feeling uncomfortable.

  2. Good Quality Materials: When it comes to luxury travel outfits, good quality, luxurious materials can elevate an outfit and ensure you look together when you arrive at your ideal destination.

  3. Mode of Transport: Plan for your mode of transport, for instance, if you’re travelling via plane - we’d recommend bringing something warm as planes can get quite chilly, especially during long-haul flights. Packing another layer into your cabin bag such as a warm snood should definitely be on your packing list.

  4. Style: Loungewear is one of the best travel styles. It’s the first choice for many people when it comes to selecting the perfect travel outfit due to comfort and cashmere is the perfect way to take traditional loungewear and elevate it to more of a travel-luxe feel. Think draping a lightweight poncho over your shoulders or layering a colourful pashmina to help your body adjust to the temperature of new climates.

Is cashmere a good fabric for travel?

 It’s not simply about combining the art of comfort and looking good, cashmere has multiple other benefits which make it a top choice when it comes to travel. Cashmere is a good fabric for travel as it’s able to pull together these basic elements – warmth, comfort, fashion and weight – for a flawless outfit.

The 3 Benefits of Travelling Wearing Cashmere:

  1. Natural cashmere fibres are extremely fine (between 10-14 microns in diameter, or 6-8 times thinner than a human hair) which gives cashmere garments an incredible warmth-to-weight ratio and is the explanation for its softness. Thus meaning, that if you’re tight on luggage, you don’t need to worry about bulky coats or jumpers taking much of your luggage allowance.

  2. Cashmere is also a natural fibre which really helps when you’re battling against the technical elements of travel. And by that we mean heating and air conditioning. Wearing synthetic materials while travelling can make you feel uncomfortable, not allowing your body to breathe and leave you spending most of the time taking your jumper on and off.

  3. Apart from being luxurious and soft, cashmere is a great fabric because it hardly wrinkles during wear and when in storage. However, if your cashmere items of choice look a bit wrinkly when you remove it from your suitcase, take it out and lie it flat to minimise the wrinkles. To pack smart from the get-go, fold your garments with a thin piece of tissue paper between the layers to prevent creases.

Is cashmere a good fabric to choose for the winter and summer months?

The fibres of the Pashmina wool are hollow meaning not only are the garments unparalleled when it comes to the touch, they also provide phenomenal insulation.

It is an unparalleled fabric when compared to other synthetic and natural fibres. Even wool, although also derived from animal sources; it is much coarser and bulkier. Pashmina is eight-times warmer than wool. Thus making cashmere the ideal fabric of choice to pack for your winter adventure.

Despite being cited as a faultless fabric choice for the winter months or destinations where there is a constant chill in the air, cashmere is once again unrivalled when it comes to flying to warmer destinations too. Breathable and lightweight, cashmere in summer climates is ideal for layering - a dressing must for long summer days and balmy nights. 

You can read more about the different fabric types here.

The Ultimate Fabric: Our Top Cashmere Pieces for Luxury Travel This Winter

1. Storm Grey & Navy Trim Luxury Cashmere Cape

Our storm grey and navy trim luxury cashmere cape is handcrafted from luxuriously soft cashmere. It’s versatile and large enough to wrap round the body for a warm embrace. A cashmere cape is the ideal companion for travel this winter, in neutral grey it will go with a variety of outfits, can be popped on to beat the cold air conditioning on your flight or to keep you feeling snug on long car journeys.

2. Warm Red Cashmere Button Poncho

The warm red button poncho is the definition of why cashmere is a good fabric for travelling up and down the country this winter. Red is the colour of winter 2023, and has been seen on catwalks from London, to Paris and Milan, so you can be sure that you’ve made a wise fashion choice.

The buttons not only add elegant detailing but also enable the poncho to be undone and used as a soft, luxurious blanket. It can be layered on top of simple base layers or under coats for winter walks.

3. Antique Gold Reversible Pashmina

The Antique gold reversible pashmina is versatile, soft and provides a double colourway in one gorgeous item. The charismatic grandeur of elegant antique gold tones on one side and statuesque darker bronze tones on the other. With a wonderfully soft blend of cashmere wool and finely spun silk, this luxurious reversible pashmina is the perfect addition to your winter travel wardrobe.