7 Luxury Winter Wedding Guest Outfits | Signature Cashmere

7 Luxury Winter Wedding Guest Outfits | Signature Cashmere

The allure of a winter wedding is truly enchanting, with twinkling lights, vibrant colours, and the warmth of love filling the air. For such a special occasion, finding the perfect outfit is paramount. Say goodbye to light chiffons and embrace the season with rich materials like velvet, knits, and silks, adorned with long sleeves, drapes, and statement accessories, including bejewelled headbands and our signature range of pashminas.

However, the key to a successful winter wedding guest outfit lies in achieving both elegance and warmth. Ditch the bulky woollen coat for our answer to staying warm and chic – our exquisite pashminas. Here’s a curated selection of the top seven winter wedding guest outfits, each paired with a unique Signature Cashmere pashmina:

1. Classic Pashmina in Amethyst Purple

Amethyst Purple Classic Pashmina Signature Cashmere

The richness of the purple hue adds a regal heir to any winter wedding outfit. A winter wedding is the perfect time to go all out on rich, vibrant colours to accentuate your outfit and make you stand out from the crowd.

Made with 70% pashmina and 30% silk, the Classic Pashmina has the ideal weight-to-warmth ratio.

2. Classic Pashmina in Coral Pink

This pashmina has a subtle peach-pink tone, which offers a stylish alternative to our baby pink and dusty pink pashmina colours. With a wonderfully light and soft blend of cashmere wool and finely spun silk, it’s the perfect layer to combat the chill in the church. It’s available in a variety of sizes, from a small scarf to an extra-large shawl.

3. Ring Pashmina in Baby Blue

Baby Blue Ring Pashmina Signature Cashmere

Our ring pashminas are made with 100% pashmina. It’s wonderfully light and warm, made with 100% cashmere wool from the Capra Hircus goat in the Himalayan mountains. You can read more about the quality of our cashmere here. In a beautiful baby blue that captures the essence of a crisp, winter morning, it’s the perfect colour to drape over the shoulders of your wedding guest gown.

4. Valentine Red Ultra Fine Pashmina

Valentine Red Classic Pashmina Signature Cashmere

A trending colour this season, red has been seen across the catwalks of Paris, Milan and London. It’s a colour that instantly signifies the winter months from gem-like red berries on the hedgerows to the signature Estee Lauder winter red lip – festive and flamboyant and ideal for wedding season. Our Ultra-fine pashmina is created with 100% pashmina and is timeless, feather-light softness and exquisite warmth that can be worn throughout the year as the ultimate luxurious accessory.

5. Cut Fringe Pashmina in Ebony Black

Ebony Black Pashmina - Cut Fringe Signature Cashmere

Our cut-fringe pashmina in ebony black is one that makes a statement. In jet-black, it’s a pashmina that can add flair to any winter wedding guest outfit – draped over the shoulders of a velvet floor-length gown it adds drama and sophistication.

The cut fringe adds elegant detail, while remaining timeless.

6. Paradise Blue Shaded Pashmina

Paradise Blue Shaded Pashmina Signature Cashmere

The Paradise Blue Shaded pashmina is one of our favourites for a winter wedding. The two-tone effect adds a depth of colour and extra detail to your outfit of choice. You can alternate between shades from the church to the reception.

7. Antique Gold Reversible Pashmina

Antique Gold Reversible Pashmina Signature Cashmere

Another wedding favourite due to its reversibility and luxurious colourway. The antique gold reversible pashmina combines the charismatic grandeur of elegant antique gold tones on one side and statuesque darker bronze tones on the other. Made with 70% pashmina and 30% silk in one of our larger sizes, this gorgeous pashmina is warm without being bulky and can be used for many years to come.

Why are our pashminas perfect for a winter wedding?

The fibres of the Pashmina wool are hollow meaning not only are the garments unparalleled when it comes to the touch, they also provide phenomenal insulation. Due to the weight of the goat hair, pashmina provides an incredible warmth-to-weight ratio. Meaning they can give you that warm cosy feeling, taking the chill off without compromising on your outfit choice. You can also add and remove as you feel comfortable and due to it’s size, you can pop it in your bag for when the midnight carriages arrive.

In addition to providing incredible warmth while remaining light and elegant, our garments are expertly hand made by skilled craftsmen and women from the local community near Kathmandu. They are sustainably and ethically made and help support the wider community.

Conclusion: What to Wear for a Winter Wedding?

• Warmth: The number one thing to look for is warmth, our signature range of pashminas is perfect to add a chic layer to your outfit
• Accessorize: It’s the ideal time to add accessories from bejewelled headbands, luxury pashminas and capes
• Try something new: It’s not often we get to attend a winter wedding. Use this opportunity to add vibrance and richness into your wardrobe.
• Pashminas: Lightweight, warm, elegant, beautiful and in an array of colours, you can select a pashmina to accentuate any outfit, perfect for covering your shoulders in the church and taking off on the dancefloor.