The best summer shawls for your summer wardrobe | Signature Cashmere

The best summer shawls for your summer wardrobe | Signature Cashmere

As summer approaches, we’re faced with the age-old problem about what to wear. The British weather is as unpredictable as ever and sometimes it’s necessary to dress for all four seasons in one outfit. 

Layering helps with unpredictable weather forecasts, day-to-night dressing, technical elements as shopping centres and offices turning-up the air conditioning and it adds effortless style and the opportunity to accessorise.

And what’s the best way to tick all these boxes with one wardrobe staple? The summer shawl is the answer.

What is a shawl?

A shawl is a lightweight and versatile accessory that can be draped over the shoulders or wrapped around the body to add style and functionality to any summer outfit. 

It is typically made from breathable materials, and it might surprise you, but cashmere makes the perfect summer shawl!

Why does cashmere make the perfect shawl?

Cashmere is a natural fibre, renowned for its unparalleled warmth to weight ratio and softness. Cashmere is the name given to the wool derived from the neck and under-belly of the ‘Capra Hircus’ goat that thrives in the Himalayas at altitudes above 12,000 feet. At this altitude, the natural cashmere fibres are extremely fine (between 10-14 microns in diameter, or 6-8 times thinner than a human hair) which gives these garments an incredible warmth-to-weight ratio and is the explanation for its softness.

Cashmere offers incredible breathability due to the hollow fibres. Its natural fibres allow air circulation, keeping you cool and at ease even in the most sweltering temperatures. 

Why our range of pashminas are ideal for summer shawls

All our pashminas at Signature Cashmere are made using cashmere fibres from the Capra Hircus goat and handmade at our factory in Nepal. 

We offer a range of pashminas in eight different styles, different sizes and over forty colours. The different colourways mean we have something for everyone and for multiple different outfits and occasions. Our different styles are created for the wearer, from Cable Knit which is more suited to the winter months, to our Ultra Fine pashmina’s which are more suited to evening gowns and weddings.

We use a mixture of 70% pashmina wool and 30% silk for our classic pashminas and 100% pashmina for our Ultra Fine Pashmina range, which weigh just an astonishing 65 grams!

Our classic stole size is large enough to drape around the shoulders, wear as a scarf, sarong or even as a small blanket but small and light enough to easily fit into a handbag.

Our top five summer shawls

Here are our top five summer shawls to add to your summer wardrobe wishlist:

1. Snowdrop White Collection

White is always a popular colour in the summer and has been seen across the 2024 catwalks. We have a range of summer shawls in snowdrop white from the Classic pashmina to the Ultra Fine pashmina. They are ideal for a showstopping all white look, but neutral enough to wear over any colourway either as a focal point of an outfit or for added warmth.

2. Baby Blue Collection

That crystal expanse of cloudless skies or the calm seas – blue is synonymous with summer. From the Paradise Blue Shaded Pashmina that could transport us momentarily to the islands of St Lucia or the subtle Baby Blue Cut Fringe Pashmina, these soft, elegant colourways are ideal for your summer shawl. 

3. Flame Red Summer Shawls

If you’ve visited any retail outlet from high street staples to designer boutiques, you’ll see that red is very popular as we move from Spring to Summer. Our Flame Red Pashminas are sure to make a statement of an evening or transport you to the streets of Paris taking inspiration from the fashion hotspot of the world. Summer is all about bright, bold, and maximalist dressing – seize the day and add one of our Flame Red Pashmina shawls to your wardrobe.

4. Golden Yellow Pashminas

Summer is all about sunshine and allowing the weather to release those feel-good endorphins. If we take inspiration from the world around us and bring it into our wardrobes, then a Golden Yellow Pashmina makes for the perfect accessory. 

5. Fuchsia Pink

Flowers in full bloom, the world is full of an abundance of nature during the summer months. Whether we’re sitting in pub gardens basking in the sun, admiring the efforts in National Trust gardens or simply enjoying our own little pocket of the world, our Fuchsia Pink Shawls are vibrant and dazzling. Bring some colour into your wardrobe and embrace the beauty of the natural world this summer.

Why should you choose a pashmina for your summer shawl?

The pashminas at Signature Cashmere are high-quality and manufactured by hand at our factory in Nepal. They are made using natural fibres and help to support the local community. Pashminas are versatile, they make the perfect summer shawl for day and evening attire and are as perfect for winter as they are for summer. There is no item that will work harder in your wardrobe than one of our pashminas and with a range of colours, styles and sizes to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!