The Perfect Cashmere Throw Blanket For Winter | Signature Cashmere

The Perfect Cashmere Throw Blanket For Winter | Signature Cashmere

The cashmere throw blanket. It’s something that is in every interior designer’s home. They are all over social media, draped over the arms of sofas, corners of king-sized beds, and even used to accessorise lush outside spaces. From cosy nights in by a roaring fire with a glass of merlot, to cuddling up with your favourite movie to simply accentuating accent colours in a room – the cashmere blanket is your ultimate home accessory.

Cashmere blankets come in a variety of styles, colours and weights and are the perfect way to elevate your interior style. They are perfect for winter but add style and luxury to a room all year round.

The cashmere blanket should be in first place on your home accessory wish list and here’s why.

Why Cashmere Makes the Perfect Winter Throw Blanket

Cashmere provides unparalleled warmth when compared to other blends. This is all thanks to its natural temperature regulating properties. Luxury cashmere throws can be up to eight-times warmer than sheep’s wool, thanks to their hollow fibres, whilst weighing a fraction of a wool blanket in the same size. They are also much cosier than cotton or synthetic blankets. 

What to Look for in a Cashmere Throw Blanket

When you’re looking for the perfect winter blanket there are few non-negotiables, style, quality, and warmth. 

Cashmere is up to eight-times warmer than wool, but when you’re looking for a luxury throw blanket, you need to ensure that the quality and style of the cashmere itself is up to scratch. Everyone’s home interior style is different but luckily at Signature Cashmere, we have a range of cashmere throw blankets to suit a variety of interiors.

The Design: Our luxury cashmere throw blankets come in a standard size, large enough to drape over a bed or a sofa. They are finished with a stylish fringe and come in four elegant colours. Natural fibres are hand woven between a natural hand dye weave, creating a beautiful herringbone pattern.

The Material: Our luxury cashmere throws are made with 30% of the finest 2 ply cashmere and 70% merino wool.

The Quality: Our luxury cashmere throws are hand woven, and hand spun in Nepal. Unlike mass-produced machine-made blankets, this hand-weaving process creates locally made throws and blankets that are unique and truly authentic.

How to Style Your Cashmere Throw Blanket

A cashmere throw can be used in multiple rooms in the house to elevate the interior style, here are our top three places to style your new throw.

The bedroom: Neutral tones are best in the bedroom; you can layer them over white bed linen to add texture and warmth to a space. Our Natural Cream throw is the perfect addition to your relaxing sanctuary. 

The living room: Rich shades such as navy and dark grey add depth and richness to these rooms while being slightly more forgiving to areas with a high footfall. By placing the cashmere throw over the edge of a sofa or a chair you can soften the look of sharper, more ridged edges. Our Navy Blue Cashmere throw is perfect for your living room.

The Garden room: The sofas by the outside firepit or in your conservatory might need a little depth. Adding a cashmere blanket, such as this one in Ebony Black, to throw over your legs when it gets chilly can add warmth to a colder space.

How to Store Your Cashmere Throw Blanket

At Signature Cashmere, it’s no surprise that we think cashmere is the ultimate accessory and we keep our cashmere blankets on display all year. However, if you would like to store your cashmere throw once the winter season ends, you must store it correctly.

Poor storage can lead to piling, wrinkles and even damage to the fibres. Check your cashmere throw for any piling and if present, you can gently remove this with a lint shaver. Then fold your cashmere throw gently and place in a vacuum-packed storage bag to ensure it keeps clean, away from bugs (pesky moths) and remains fresh ready for next winter.

How to Wash Your Cashmere Throw Blanket

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to wash cashmere. Due to the delicate nature of the cashmere fibres it’s highly recommended to hand wash our cashmere throws. You should ensure you use cool water and natural detergents. 

You should also never wring or twist your blanket, as they may stretch and damage the fibres, allowing it to dry naturally.

If you get a stain on your cashmere blanket, we recommend visiting your local dry cleaners for specialist advice.

There are some more tips on how to wash your cashmere throw blanket here.

Quality of Cashmere at Signature Cashmere

At Signature Cashmere we pride ourselves on the quality of our cashmere. There are many brands which claim to use Pashmina as their type of cashmere however there are wide variations in the quality depending on the supply chain and where the wool itself is sourced. 

All our pashmina at Signature Cashmere is from the Capra Hircus goat and handcrafted by skilled craftsman in a small factory in Nepal. Our supplier, Jitendra, has a small factory employing 25 local men and women in Kathmandu. Jitendra started his business in 1998 and has always produced the highest-quality pashminas and cashmere clothing for us. 

We are extremely competitively price compared to our competitors, due to the lack of overheads compared to a High Street store. Our cashmere quality is unrivalled, and we look forward to seeing pictures of how you style your new lavishly soft cashmere throw in your home!