The Top 5 Benefits of a Pashmina Shawl | Signature Cashmere

The Top 5 Benefits of a Pashmina Shawl | Signature Cashmere

There are few things in life as luxurious as a genuine pashmina shawl. They’re not only an elegant, comfortable accessory to an outfit, but they also have several extra benefits. Pashmina shawls have long been associated with sophistication and class. They function as the perfect addition to your wardrobe to keep you warm (and stylish) on chilly evenings. After all, who doesn’t want to feel the warmth and softness of a luxury pashmina shawl or cashmere wrap?

Protection from the Cold

One of the greatest benefits of pashmina shawls is how well they protect you from the cold. Although there are different varieties of Pashmina on the market, our Pashmina Collection is made from the highest-quality pashmina and is a combination of cashmere and merino wool, which makes our pieces extremely warm, even when the temperatures drop. With a highly efficient warmth-to-weight ratio, our pashmina products act as an insulator to keep the heat in, preventing the cool wind from touching the skin during the full-fledged winter season. Simply draped over your shoulders or snuggled around your neck, our pashmina shawl or cashmere wraps are sure to keep you warm when you want a little extra protection from the sudden temperature drop.

Incredibly Soft and Luxurious Feel

Pashmina is undoubtedly known for offering one of the most incredibly luxurious feelings. Although it’s commonly known as one of the finest and softest natural materials on the market, pashmina is also exceptionally durable. If taken care of properly, your luxury pashmina or cashmere wraps could keep their vibrancy and shape for years! In order to properly care for your pashmina, we would recommend gently hand washing and leaving them out to dry. With something as special as your pashmina shawl, you’ll want to take the necessary precautions so that you can treasure your pieces for years to come.

An Elegant Addition to Any Outfit

One thing will always be certain, luxury will never go out of style. You can use pashmina clothing to add an elegant finishing touch to almost any outfit. It’s a great way to add a slice of opulence to your wardrobe, or simply add a splash of vibrant colour to your outfit like our Flame Red Pashmina Shawl. Our pashmina shawl and cashmere wraps are designed to be trendy yet timeless, modish yet traditional. Our pashmina products are flattering on any body type and can be styled in different ways to suit your personal tastes.  A luxurious pashmina shawl can be used in formal or casual settings and can effortlessly enhance your everyday look instantly.

Pashmina is Versatile

The versatility of a pashmina shawl is also one of its most attractive features. Our pashmina products not only serve as beautiful shawls, but they also make excellent blankets, bed throws, pashmina scarves and can even be used as headscarves. Our pashmina shawls are available in a wide range of colours. From neutral shades like Olive Green and Ivory Cream to bold shades like Burnt Orange and Sapphire Blue, we, at Signature Cashmere, design our products to suit any season or occasion. The airy and delicate material makes pashmina extremely lightweight, perfect for your future travels.

A Long-Term Sustainable Investment

Unlike other synthetic materials, the pashmina wool is obtained sustainably from the neck and under-belly of the ‘Capra Hircus’ goat thriving in the Himalayas. Once the temperatures rise, the ‘Capra Hircus’ goat sheds its thick winter coat and responsible collection practices are made to collect the wool. We, at Signature Cashmere, take pride in ethically sourcing some of the world’s most luxurious, high-quality, and sustainable pashmina.
Our incredibly soft and timeless quality pashminas are the perfect addition to your wardrobe this year. They offer additional protection from the chilly air and an instant luxurious enhancement to any outfit. They also make an ideal gift for friends and family members and with so many uses, it’s sure to be appreciated by all who receive them. As such a breathable fabric, pashmina can be worn year-round, in the cool summer evenings or during the cooler autumn or winter months. Combining comfort with style, when it comes to long-lasting luxury knitwear, pashmina will always be considered one of the noblest and superior fabrics.

If you’re interested in our products, browse through our complete collection of Pashmina Products. From scarves, stoles and shawls, we have a range of high-quality pashmina and cashmere clothing.