Why Wear Pashmina?

Every now and then, with depressing regularity, the fashion police tell us that the pashmina has had its day, and is outdated and no longer trendy.  But what other accessory is so versatile, modestly covering your shoulders during the church service and then keeping you cosy later in the evening after the reception?  A pashmina shawl or wrap is light yet surprisingly warm, and is perfect for holidays as it takes up very little room in your case but can be essential on a long flight or when sitting by the sea after dinner.  An air-conditioned restaurant can feel very chilly, and a beautiful pashmina stole  very quickly becomes indispensable.


There are occasions when a jacket is just too much, but a cardigan would not be dressy enough.  A soft and warm pashmina can be draped elegantly around your shoulders and will add a fabulous dash of colour to complement a formal outfit.  Of course it is possible to become addicted!  You find that one pashmina is simply not enough, and another colour catches your eye.  Maybe a shawl that you can wrap around yourself in the winter, or use as a throw on the sofa, or perhaps a contrasting scarf to lift a dark coat, a wrap to wear with that summer dress.  At Passionate About Pashmina we are offering a free scarf to our customers when they buy any two pashminas, so you could indulge yourself and perhaps solve a present problem too!

Pashmina is the finest cashmere in the world, and our pashminas from Kathmandu are always of a very high quality.  Our range has pashminas of 70% cashmere pashmina and 30% silk in a wide range of styles, colours and sizes, including classic fringe pashminas and cut-fringe pashminas. We also offer the wonderful 100% ‘Ring’ pashminas and 'Ultra-Fine' pashminas, which are the lightest and most luxurious accessory.