Storm Grey and Navy Trim Luxury Cashmere Cape Signature Cashmere

7 Winter Work Outfits for Cold Days | Signature Cashmere

Rising early on a cold Monday morning can be daunting, especially when greeted by a drab and chilly day. At Signature Cashmere, we celebrate the charm of cold days, providing an opportunity to embrace winter with the right accessories.

Work outfits don’t often lend themselves to being particularly warm, they are often bulky with blazers and overcoats but leave little room for layering while looking professional.

Elevate your winter work outfits with our pashminas and cashmere accessories, adding layers of elegance and warmth to your professional ensemble.

1. Storm Grey and Navy Trim Luxury Cashmere Cape

Storm Grey and Navy Trim Luxury Cashmere Cape Signature Cashmere

One of our top winter work outfit additions must be the storm grey and navy trim luxury cashmere cape. Handcrafted from sumptuously soft cashmere, it’s a wonderfully warm and versatile accessory. It’s got a neutral yet aesthetically pleasing colour palette enabling it to be used as an additional layer to your winter work outfit or even make the outfit.

It’s ideal to pop over a midi dress or a smart black pencil skirt. It can be a thin yet extremely warm layer under a woollen overcoat or lighter trench or even worn in and around the office on lunchbreaks, coffee breaks or as an added comfort during the 9-5.

2. Golden Yellow Classic Pashmina

Golden Yellow Classic Pashmina Signature Cashmere

Our Classic Pashmina in a sunny yellow hue not only keeps you toasty, enveloping your body in a warm embrace it also helps your mood and boost those serotonin levels. It’s your daily dose of Vitamin D even when you’re inside. Keep your work spirits high by having our Golden Yellow Classic Pashmina draped over your office chair. When you need a little pick me up, wrap our pashmina round your shoulders and instantly feel cosy and relaxed.

3. Cashmere Cable Knit Gloves

Cashmere Cable Knit Gloves Signature Cashmere

Combat sub-zero temperatures with our fitted and stylish Cable Knit Gloves, available in natural cream and navy blue. The soft cashmere provides warmth while maintaining a sleek and tailored look.

You can keep these in your bag for your commute to and from work and for lunchtime walks. Their neutral colour palette allows them to only accentuate your work outfit and can be worn at the weekends as well as in the work week.

4. Cashmere Cable Knit Scarf

Cashmere Cable Knit Scarf Signature Cashmere

An addition of a cashmere scarf will keep you warm and cosy on your commute or between office drinks, while remaining sophisticated. Our deluxe cable knit scarf is available in two colours: natural cream and navy blue. The velvety smooth cashmere provides sumptuous warmth, while still maintaining a stylish and classy look.

Our cashmere scarves are unparalleled when it comes to softness and warmth. Investing in high-quality accessories that will see you through many a winter season to come is crucial when it comes to creating a sustainable, capsule wardrobe that doesn’t compromise on style. If you’re interested in how to build on your cashmere accessories, there’s some more information here.

5. Ash Brown Cable Knit Pashmina

Ash Brown Cable Knit Pashmina Signature Cashmere

The Cable Knit Pashmina is one of our winter work outfit must haves. It’s the softness and weight that you would expect from a scarf but with all the sophistication, warmth, and richness that you would expect from one of our more traditional pashminas.

Our luxurious ash brown cable knit pashmina is imbued with soft, hazel ash-brown tones and can be worn in all seasons to add glamour and warmth to any attire.

6. Cashmere Bed Socks

Our cashmere bed socks are not just for lounging around at home. They are the perfect hidden accessory to add extra warmth. When it comes to winter work outfits, it’s about keeping warm but not looking overdressed. Our cashmere bed socks are ideal for wearing under a pair of black leather riding boots or ankle boots. Warm and understated.

7. Natural Cream Cashmere Button Poncho

Our natural cream button poncho is the perfect complement to your winter work outfit. You can pop it on over your blouse as an additional layer under your coat. It’s created with a blend of cashmere and merino wool and is slightly larger than our standard size, it moves seamlessly with your every move. It offers a weightless warmth and versatility that you cannot get from any other material.

You can even wear it around the office if you feel the chill and its neutral tones means it seamlessly aligns with any outfit while remaining professional.

The Conclusion: Why is Cashmere the Perfect Winter Work Outfit?

Cashmere is not only elegant, but it is extremely practical. Due to the weight of the goat hair, cashmere provides an incredible warmth-to-weight ratio. Although wool is also derived from animal sources; it is much coarser and bulkier, cashmere is eight-times warmer than wool.

Cashmere is one of the most sought-after, luxurious fabrics in the world. If you want to add elements of luxury and look effortlessly chic, while remaining warm in this cold weather, then we recommend adding some cashmere accessories for the perfect winter work outfit.